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New Power Poles for Sale

We carry Western Red and/or Alaskan Yellow Cedar Poles, full length thermal penta treated to a final net retention of 1.0# per cubic foot, framed, incised, WQC inspection and conforming to REA/RUS 1993 Specifications.  Our pole pricing is very competitive and the poles are conveniently located centrally in the State of Wyoming at our yard.  Please call us for a current quote on pole prices.  We carry the following classes and sizes:

5/35 - 4/35 - 5/40 - 4/40 - 5/45 - 4/50

If you have a special need, just give us a call and we will be happy to facilitate your request.




The following A/C units are sold as is/where is.  These units were in use from 7/02 to 6/07 on an elementary school and have very low hours.  The school changed them out because they went from A/C to HVAC units.  All units are clean and in excellent condition.

Model # # Available Cooling Capacity ARI Type Sys. Conf. Condenser Type Voltage Phase Amps SEER Price Each
CHA16-030-1P (2 1/2 Ton) 13 27,600 BTU SP-A Single Air-Cooled 208 & 230 1 21A Min/30A Max 10.00 $1000
CHA16-036-1Y (3 Ton) 3 35,200 BTU     Air-Cooled 208 & 230 3 20A Min/30A Max 10.00 $1250
CHA16-048-1Y (4 Ton) 3 48,000 BTU     Air-Cooled 208 & 230 3 23A Min/35A Max 10.00 $1500
CHA16-120-2Y (10 Ton) 1 117,000BTU     Air-Cooled 208 & 230 3 58A Min/70A Max 10.00 $2500



The following items pertain to a Leeds & Northrup C-200 Remote Station Model 13206.  Pricing is negotiable.

    # Available                    Item                                                        Summary Description

9 207322 Time Register Latches time correction information from the master station for use by the 207037 Freeze Timer Card.
9 207021 Digital Input Card D.I. 1-A Serializes & gates 4 internal status bits, 6 external status signals, & 1 external status signal with MCD.  External status & MCD are isolated from logic power & ground.
9 207086 ACC1 Contains 2 12-bit accumulators with programmable input circuits.  Can accept form A, form B, form C, or form D contact inputs through optical isolators.
11 207066 Radio Interface Interfaces remote station to radio transceiver.
11 207136 AC Power Supply, 120V Provides all dc operating voltages from 120V ac input.  Has low voltage detector, ac status detector, battery charger, & automatic battery tester.
11 207191 Program Card Performs all programming & selection functions & full decoding for 4-bit or 5-bit group address.
9 207046 Common Logic Card (54 ms) Contains control & sequencing logic & all logic for decoding function codes & address codes.  Checks incoming messages for errors & generates error codes for outgoing messages.
4 207036 Internal Freeze Timer Continuously cycling timer that can be set from 1 to 99 minutes in 1 minute increments.  Used to freeze accumulators.  May be resynchronized by master station.
11 207341 FSK Type Modem Card Modulates/demodulates data to/from data link.  Can connect to either 2- or 4-wire data links & can match to 600- or 900-ohm balanced lines.  Can be programmed to present 15 kilohm load to line on receive.  Contains frequency dividers & timer circuits for pretransmission mark & squelch.
0 207051 Digital Output Card Contains 1 trip & 1 close pilot relay.  Has all decoding & control logic for relay drivers.  Detects invalid combination of relay drive signals.  Switch (CONTROL ON/OFF) defeats operation during maintenance.
4 207053 Digital Output Card Same as 207051 except has 4 trip and 4 close pilot relays.  Cannot be used with long call.
5 207146 ADC Card Accepts analog inputs from analog input cards & converts each signal to 12-bit two's complement form.  Conversion accuracy is 0.35% when used with the proper analog input cards.
6 207164 Analog Input 1 Card Accepts four differential analog inputs of 0 to + mA.
2 207096 ACC2 Contains 3 12-bit accumulators for form C inputs.  Can be modified for other input forms.  One ACC2 card can be installed in J6 or two ACC2 cards in J6 and J3.  In either case, there must be an ACC1 card in J8.
1 207314 Analog Input 2 Card Accepts four differential analog input of 0 to + mA.  Must be used with an AI=1 card.


The following are Explosion Proof Enclosures for Classified Area Controllers.                          

  # Available                               Item                                                          Summary Description

1 Curlee Nema Sz 1  E1BT-481035 Enclosure only - Empty

$ 1000.00

1 GE Nema Sz 1  CR207C904KMAA Volts AC Line 460, Control Coil 460, Hz 60 - 40 Amp Circuit Breaker Type TED, Volts AC 460, Class II Group E F G, Class III, Standard

$ 2300.00

2 GE Nema Sz 2  CR207D704KMCA Volts AC Line 460, Control Coil 460, Hz 60 - 50 Amp Circuit Breaker Type TED, Volts AC 460, Class I Group C & D, Class II Group E F G, Class III Raintight, W/HOA

$ 2500.00